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The Exchange 2020 specification supporting DATEX II v3.0 is available now!

Today, the 2020 Exchange specification is fully available and supports both Data Delivery and the CIS Business Scenario that supports the DATEX II version 3.x payload specification. After the first "Exchange 2018" version, the current Exchange 2020 specification is available on the DATEX II Academy.

DATEX II has chosen APDS as core for its parkingdata standard

The European DATEX II community has decided to align with and collaborate with parking industry stakeholders to revise the DATEX II parking model. A key factor in this important decision was the strong support demonstrated by parking operators, data platform and service providers for sharing common data via the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) technical specifications.

Collaborative ITS Services (CIS) Demonstrator

We are pleased to share that there is now extended user documentation available on the Collaborative ITS Services (CIS) Demonstrator.

This demonstrator shows how to implement and use the features that are part of the specification for Collaborative ITS Services that has been developed under the Exchange framework.

The CIS demonstrator documentation, now available in a modern, visual way, can be found here

Enabling the Traffic Services of Tomorrow

Together, DATEX II and TN-ITS are taking on the challenge of interoperability of standards in the traffic management domain. By taking small steps, with a coalition of the willing, we aim to start improving the current situation. The focus in the first stage will be on developing semantical interoperability between DATEX II and TN-ITS within the scope of Management of Electronic Traffic Regulations (METR).

“Status and prospects for DATEX II compliant deployment of ITS in Greece” - ITS Hellas

As part of the last DATEX II Steering Group meeting held in Athens, Vasilis Mizaras, senior ITS expert from the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - Hellenic Institute of Transport, made a presentation explaining the status and prospects of the DATEX II deployment of ITS in Greece.

Dispelling myths about UTMC and DATEX II standards

Do you want to know what's true and what's not about Urban Traffic Management & Control and DATEX II standards? Our DATEX II expert Ian Cornwell has written an interesting article about a few myths that surround UTMC and DATEX II standards. Read the article here!