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You have come to the right place for information on DATEX II. The standard for the exchange of traffic related data.
This website is gradually growing, visit often to benefit from updates as soon as possible. 

Progress on DATEX II data model standards

Parts 4 (VMS) and 5 (Measured and elaborated data) of the DATEX II standard EN 16157 are now entering CEN “enquiry” – the last stage at which technical comments can be made, through national standards bodies. Comment resolution will allow a DATEX II release (referred to as 3.1) in Spring 2020 to include the version 3 forms of VMS and RoadTrafficData namespaces. Due to the modular approach of DATEX II version 3, users shouldn’t think in terms of supporting v3.0 or v3.1 or any specific v3.X, but rather supporting v3 with a selection of modules (technically “namespaces”). Each release 3.X will increase the number of modules available.

European harmonisation of C-ITS taken to the next level

With the collaboration of DATEX II and the C-Roads Platform, two major European initiatives for harmonisation join forces against the background of emerging cooperative intelligent transport services (C-ITS). Both of them have used various opportunities to demonstrate their technical and strategic importance in increasing the safety and efficiency of transport in Europe and beyond. With high potential for synergies, a cooperation between DATEX II and C-Roads was the logical next step. The ITS Europe Congress 2019 in Eindhoven provides the backdrop for the signature of a collaboration agreement.

DATEX II at ITS European Congress 2019

DATEX II will be present at the ITS European Congress 2019 which will take place on the 3rd-6th of June 2019 in Brainport, the Netherlands! Bard de Vries, our TMG chair, will present DATEX II in the session "Information chain protocols and standards" on the 5th of June from 14.30h - 15.30h.

D2Light upgrade

D2Light has received an update! The upgrade consists of added live traffic information, an even simpler model based on user feedback and a new version of the app. Take a look at the D2Light page on our Academy for more details.

DATEX II Forum 2018 and beyond

The 2018 DATEX II Forum concluded with the Declaration of Utrecht: a non-binding guidance document for the future of DATEX II. The DATEX II Steering Group (SG) has since adopted the declaration and has taken into account its content in writing the work plan for 2019-2020. The SG now explains how the DATEX II organization will incorporate the feedback received from the community in the document "DATEX II Forum 2018 and beyond".


We are looking forward to attending the ASECAP Days conference on the 29th-31st of May 2019 in Messinia, Greece!

DATEX II will be present at the session "Common Interest in C-ITS Policies and Strategies" on Friday the 31st of May from 11.00h - 12.30h.
We will talk about DATEX II starting from the point of view of a Road Operator involved in Traffic Management to extend the vision to further ITS service domains like CCAM, logistics, inter-modality and inter-urban/urban mobility.