DATEX II Project Deployment: EV Charging

Map offers drivers information on electric vehicle charging stations throughout Spain

Recently, the Spanish Traffic Authority, Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), unveiled the official map of charging stations for electric cars. This map is accessible via the National Access Point and provides drivers in Spain with information on the locations of charging stations for electric vehicles. This step by DGT is in line with European regulation that requires member states to ensure accessibility, exchange, reuse, and updating of road and traffic data. On the other hand, the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law and an associated order stipulate that the government will make information about charging stations available through the National Access Point for real-time traffic information. Providers of charging services should electronically submit all relevant information about charging stations to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.


The map is accessible through the National Access Point ( and is updated daily, as reported by sources from the DGT. The information is presented in the DATEX II format, allowing seamless integration into mobility applications.

The National Access Point offers details about charging stations via navigation systems and apps. The DGT aims to promote environmentally friendly transport and facilitate the transition to electric driving.

Simplifying electric driving

This development makes driving electric vehicles in Spain more accessible and convenient. The information supplied by the DGT includes:

  • Location and operating hours: Where is the charging point located and when is it operational?
  • Available services: Are there additional amenities such as restaurants or shops nearby?
  • Accessibility: Is the charging point accessible to everyone?
  • Payment options: Which payment methods are accepted?
  • Connectors and capacity: How many charging stations and what types of connectors are available?

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