7th DATEX II User Forum:
Paris 2022

On the 3rd and 4th of November, the 7th DATEX II Forum was held at the FNTP ( Federation Nationale Des Travaux Publics) in Paris, France. There were over 50 participants representing users with different points of view over the usage of DATEX. The DATEX II Forum provides a platform for dialogue between all stakeholders, including decision-makers and experts in the field, to share their knowledge and discuss challenges in development.

Since there were both new and experimented participants, in order to serve this wide range of attendees, the programme included many different sessions in parallel using both the interactive working methods and environments. This approach allowed for a lot of interaction and discussion between presenters and the audience. The programme also offered for plenty of time to network during lunch and coffee breaks, as well as during sessions and at the social event. 

This event also aims at educating the new users about the advantages and disadvantages of the DATEX II usage and also teaches how and when it should be used, apart from offering support for this. Some of the discussed topics are the following:

  • Low emissions
  • UVARs
  • Examples of DATEX usage
  • Management of Electronic Traffic Regulations
  • Goals for Transport Plans 

The DATEX II Forum took place under the patronage of NAPCORE Mobility Data Days.

The full programme of the event is available both here and below. 

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