Upcoming event: 9th DATEX II User Forum 2024 in Bucharest

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On October 9th, 10th, and 11th, the 9th DATEX II User Forum will take place in Bucharest, Romania. This year’s theme is: DATEX II – The Digital Key to Future MobilityWe are pleased to share an outline of the program which is designed for all levels of DATEX II users. The DATEX II User Forum will offer a comprehensive and engaging experience, with a variety of topics to appeal to professionals with different functions in domains of urban mobility, electromobility, charging infrastructure, logistics, electronic traffic regulations and cooperative, connected and automated mobility.

Our User Forum is more than just sessions and presentations. It’s a unique opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, network with industry experts and collaborate with peers who share your dedication to advancing future mobility. 

Program outline

  • DATEX2DAY: You will be informed about what you can do with DATEX II, if you want to get started today.
  • DATEX2MORROW: Focuses on the future of ITS and highlights how DATEX II is evolving to address emerging challenges and opportunities in traffic and travel information exchange. These advancements will ensure that DATEX II remains a vital tool for modern and future data exchange challenges, contributing to a safer, more efficient and interconnected data ecosystem for road traffic & travel transport regarding the regulatory framework and traffic management requirements. 
  • DATEX2PRACTICE: Hands-on opportunities to work directly with DATEX II and enhance your skills.


Managerial/ Policy

Functional/ informational

Developers/ Technical



We will focus on collaboration with European and international organisations in the mobility domain, exploring how these initiatives can improve the standardised delivery of safety-related traffic information across Europe. Furthermore, we will delve into the latest strategies and technologies regarding traffic management and the latest ITS-Directive + Delegated Regulations.

The interoperability of standards in the mobility data ecosystem is another topic we will cover, emphasizing the importance of standardisation for seamless integration and efficient data exchange. This part also includes the embedding of TN-ITS in the DATEX II standard.


You will learn how to use DATEX II and about best practices from other DATEX II users, learning from diverse implementations across Europe to gain valuable insights. You will have the opportunity to explore how to effectively work with DATEX II, from understanding its core principles to mastering the intricacies of location referencing.


The sessions will cover the latest updates and directives, including the ITS-Directive and version updates (V3.6), ensuring you are up to date with the newest regulations and technological advancements.


Discover and learn from the best practices of other DATEX II users. You will also gain hands-on experience with the latest DATEX II version (V.3.6), including JSON support, and with DATEX II data exchange and interfaces.

Participate in comprehensive sessions on API development and benefit from detailed walkthroughs on how data providers and consumers interact with DATEX II in various coding languages.



We will focus on strategic topics such as Cybersecurity & Trust to ensure secure and reliable systems. The DATEX II roadmap will be highlighted. The roadmap outlines the future directions and developments of DATEX II and provides a clear vision of our trajectory and the anticipated innovations.


You will also learn about the METR standards (the Management of Electronic Traffic Regulations). You will gain valuable insights into how authorities can ensure that road users have trustworthy information regarding ‘rules of the road’.

Discover exciting new features and improvements in the upcoming version 4 of DATEX II. Understand how these enhancements can make your systems more efficient and effective. We will focus on Cybersecurity & Trust to ensure secure and reliable systems. Additionally, we will explore key innovations and requirements that put on DATEX II. You will also gain insights into the METR framework (the Management of Electronic Traffic Regulations).

Explore compelling new features and enhancements in the upcoming version 4 of DATEX II. Gain insight into how these improvements can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems. We will also delve into different profiles within the DATEX II standard. Furthermore, we will focus on secure and reliable systems. We invite you to share your insights on the current developments in the field of Cybersecurity & Trust.





This is your chance to dive deep into the intricacies of creating extensions and profiles, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to tailor DATEX II to your specific needs. We will also explore DfRS (Data for Road Safety) case studies in countries like Austria and Luxembourg. These case studies will provide you with a detailed look at the challenges and successes of integrating vehicle data with road safety events, offering lessons that you can apply to your own projects.


The sessions are designed for developers and technical experts who want to get hands-on experience with DATEX II APIs, understand the implementation process and explore how to effectively exchange and manage traffic data. We will also explore the seamless integration of data exchange and content, providing you with the tools to create more efficient, robust, and scalable systems. You will leave with practical knowledge and experience that you can immediately apply to your projects.

The three-day final User Forum program, including the various sessions and speakers, will be announced at the end of August. 

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