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DATEX II is a multi-part Standard, maintained by CEN Technical Committee 278, Road Transport and Traffic Telematics, see

CEN – the European Standardization Organisation – is the leading standards development organisation in Europe (see CEN Technical Committee 278 addresses Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and is responsible for the standardisation of the DATEX II data model. CEN/TC278, through National Standards Bodies’ consultation and balloting, adopts new DATEX II standards or modifies existing standards.

The DATEX II data content standards are defined in the multi-part CEN specification number 16157: 

  • Part 1: Context and framework
  • Part 2: Location referencing*
  • Part 3: Situation publication*
  • Part 4: Variable Message Sign (VMS) publications
  • Part 5: Measured and elaborated data publications
  • Part 6: Parking publications
  • Part 7: Common data elements*
  • Part 8: Traffic management publications and urban extensions
  • Part 9: Traffic signal management publications
  • Part 10: Energy infrastructure publications
  • Part 11: Publication of machine interpretable traffic regulations
  • Part 12: Facility related publications

Parts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 were approved as European Standards in 2018-2020, shortly to be joined by Part 4. These define the various aspects of version 3 of the DATEX II content specifications. Parts 6, 8 and 9 have been published as CEN Technical Specifications.

* status = under drafting

DATEX II Exchange ISO standard

The DATEX II exchange protocols are specified separately from the content specifications, allowing flexible use of the content specifications with any defined exchange protocols.

One such set of definitions is produced by the DATEX II project organisation and standardised jointly by CEN TC/278 and ISO TC/204. These exchange specifications are compatible with DATEX II version 3 yet have an independent version naming scheme: the first published set of specifications was “Exchange 2018” and an update has been published as “Exchange 2020”.

Supporting material and downloads for DATEX II Version 3 can be found here.

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