NOW Available: DATEX II Version 3.5

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.5, bringing significant enhancements and refinements to the data exchange model. This release contains important updates in line with ongoing CEN Technical Specification revisions, incorporating feedback and improving the functionality and quality of several namespaces.

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Key Changes from Version 3.4

Platform Independent Model

TrafficManagementPlan namespace

      • The TrafficManagementPlan namespace has undergone significant revisions, aligning with the current revision process for CEN TS 16157-8. The version in release 3.5 matches the version undergoing formal vote through CEN.
      • The updates facilitate distributed traffic management collaboration and resolve numerous issues raised against previous drafts by the CEN project team.
      • This namespace is now considered stable in version 3.

EnhancedRerouting namespace

      • The EnhancedRerouting namespace has been extensively revised to align with the CEN TS 16157-8 revisions and matches the version under formal vote through CEN.
      • These changes address many previously identified functionality and quality issues.

UrbanExtensions namespace

      • Additional enumeration literals have been introduced in the UrbanExtensions namespace to support active travel, in line with CEN TS 16157-8 revisions.

OpenlrBinary namespace 

  • A new extension namespace called OpenlrBinary has been added, allowing for a LocationReference to be provided in OpenLR binary format.
  • This extension is expected to be promoted to the main LocationReferencing model in version 4.

TrafficSignal namespace

    • The TrafficSignal namespace has been removed due to critical bugs. This namespace was included in releases 3.1 to 3.4 but will be revisited and potentially restored in future releases after improvements.

FaultAndStatus namespace

    • The FaultAndStatus namespace remains unchanged except for the addition of an informative diagram.
    • Following a review of CEN TS 16157-13 since release 3.4, this namespace is now considered stable in version 3.

Minor Backwards-Compatible Changes

    • Common Extensions: The common extensions used by FaultAndStatus have been moved from the Draft folder to the Final folder. This change does not affect schemas.
    • Informative Diagram: An informative diagram has been added to the FaultAndStatus namespace to illustrate dependencies on other namespaces.
    • Bearing Types Definition: The definition of “bearing” types has been clarified to specify the direction of increasing value.

Model Files

Version 3.5 is expected to be the final release using the old EAP format of Enterprise Architect. Future releases will exclusively use the current QEA format, which has been available since release 3.4. This change impacts users of assembled model files.

JSON Schema Mapping

The JSON schema mapping has been enhanced to support a broader range of code generation frameworks and to remove validation limitations.

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