Webinar day 4: New developments in DATEX II content

Our fourth webinar was on the recent developments on the content side. We shared some great achievements on the alignment of harmonizing SRTI data-sets with important communities in adjoining domains like TISA and C-ITS.

On the content side there are two developments which are really relevant in relation to the rapid development of services in general, and especially those related to automated driving. DATEX II took up the activity to support the required digitalization of traffic regulations in general and we want to share two practical applications of that with you in the form of UVAR’s (Urban vehical access regulations) and the applications of Dynamic Lane Management. Another relevant development we want to share and discuss with you is on the track of the support of DATEX II in the context of Linked Open Data.

In case you missed (part of) the sessions you can view and download the presentations here:

Session 1 – SRTI allignment DATEX II – Alert C – TPEG – DENM

Session 2 – Traffic regulations and UVARS

Session 3 – Dynamic Lane management

Session 4 – DATEX II and Linked open data

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