Concluding DATEX II PSA webinar

We closed the 6th DATEX II Forum Webinar Series with our concluding webinar. June 9th was the day to look back and to look forward into the near future of ITS and the role DATEX II is playing in this landscape. Looking back on the great steps the DATEX II community has made to contribute to the acceleration of the digitalisation of traffic, travel and its related management processes. During the day the demonstrations of DATEX II implementations benefiting from the enhancements underline the relevance of the work done. But the work isn’t finished yet. Many challenges with regard to ongoing digitalisation, extending scopes of adjoining functional and technical domains make that we have to continue our development work. Work that more and more needs to be done in close cooperation with the adjoining domains. During this day many facets of the future of DATEX II were presented. With this we foresee a sustainable future of DATEX II in the ITS Ecosystem!

In case you missed (part of) the session you can view and download the presentations here or watch the video’s on Youtube:

Welcome by Pascal Berteaud (CEREMA)
Celebrating achievements by Marjolein Masclee (RWS), Gilles Carabin (EC) and Chris de Vries (NDW)
Pitch on Dynamic Implementation of DATEX II in Greek Egnatia Motorway by Konstantinos Kourmousis (Link Technologies SA)
EU EIP reference handbook and DATEX II Reference profiles by Roberto Arditi (SINA) and Orestis Giamarelos (BASt)
Pitch on City2Navigation by Dr.-Ing. Carsten Schürmann (TCP International GmbH)
The UVARbox project by Pedro Barradas (Armis)
Pitch on Digital winter – slippery road by Bo Bjerkeholt (STA)
TN-ITS: Collaborating standard development by Christian Kleine (TN-ITS / HERE)
Pitch on cycling data by Bard de Vries (NDW)
Use of DATEX II at Volvo Cars by Henrik Segesten (Volvo Cars)
Pitch on Pilot C-ITS to DATEX II by Paal Aaserud (NPRA)
Dangerous goods ecosystem using DATEX II by Claude Pfauvadel (MTES) and Jean-Philippe Mechin (CEREMA)
Pitch on Camino de Santiago – The Way of Saint James by Pedro Tomás Martínez (DGT)
Pitch on DATEX II Open data from Austrian energy regulator by Patrick Heissenberger (CPB software) 
Parking: strategic standardisation developments by Nigel Williams (APDS)
Pitch on CITIQ: producing and deploying magnetic traffic classification sensors by David Bárta (CITIQ)
Work flow management with regard to TMPlan and CIS Exchange by Fabrizio Paoletti (Autostrada d’Italia)
DATEX II in strategic/wider perspective: Galileo/GSA by Alberto Fernandez Wyttemberg (EUSPA)
Federation of European data spaces – perspectives for the mobility domain by prof. Boris Otto (TU Dortmund University and Fraunhofer ISST)
Future of DATEX II by Edoardo Felici (EC) and Marjolein Masclee (RWS) 
Closing by Marjolein Masclee (RWS), Timo Hoffman (BASt) and Bard de Vries (NDW)
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