Hands-on Developer Toolchain Session

A hands-on session in which we show how to produce a XML schema, generate code, use JSON and Open API and implement DATEX II using different coding languages like Java, Python and C#. 

The program will contain the following subjects:

If a Powerpoint-presentation was used you can download it by clicking on the title above. 
You can take a look at the recordings on our DATEX II YouTube-channel playlists and then choose  8th DATEX II User Forum 2023 – Virtual – Developers.
The mentioned GitHub can be here.


Moderator:  Martin van Ekelenburg (Netherlands)


    •  Jan Vlčinský (Czechia)

    •  Victoria Steiner (Germany)

    •  Jonas Jäderberg (Sweden)

    • Bob van Leeuwen  (Netherlands)

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