Webinar day 5: Implementing DATEX II Exchange 2020

Our fifth webinar was on DATEX II Exchange 2020. The talks in this live demo-ing session were all technical in nature, as we go through the new features for selecting the right Functional Exchange profile, exchanging feature selection, combining the Exchange packages with the content profile and how to implement this in your softwaretooling. We discussed the practical application of the DATEX II UML profile in creating models and extensions.

In case you missed (part of) the sessions you can view and download the presentations here or watch the video on Youtube:

Session 1

Exploring Exchange specifications by Fabrizio Paoletti

Exchange 2020 profiles and demonstrator interactions by Simone Ghiggi (live demo on Youtube)

Selection of appropriate Exchange Pattern for you use case by Fabrizio Paoletti (live demo on Youtube)

Session 2

Hands on web services implementation .Net Core environment by Jonas Jäderberg

Stateful push implementation in Java by Martin van Ekelenburg and Rob van de Werken

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