DATEX II and TN-ITS Merge for Enhanced Traffic Services Interoperability

The same language throughout Europe

During the ITS European Congress, TN-ITS and DATEX II signed the Lisbon Declaration that initiates their efforts to align and merge the standards. The significance of consolidating data standards lies in establishing a singular language for the entire data distribution system in Europe, particularly for road authorities. This entails adopting a uniform language for map updates, dynamic navigation and safety messages, eliminating any ambiguity in communication.

DATEX II and TN-ITS are jointly developing, implementing and managing technical standards to enhance user adoption and ensure compliance with pertinent EU policies.

It is crucial that connected and automated vehicles are aware of their surrounding road environment. A significant challenge in this process is the variety of standards and the substantial overlap between them. The DATEX II and TN-ITS merger will help with this as the governance will be under one roof.

Click here for additional details about this initiative, including challenges and benefits.


NAPCORE (National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe) strives to synchronise and standardise mobility data platforms throughout Europe, establishing a cohesive network to enhance road efficiency and safety.

Click here for the complete press release from DATEX II and TN-ITS.


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