DATEX II at ITS European Congress 2019

We are happy to announce that DATEX II will also be present at the ITS European Congress 2019 which will take place on the 3rd-6th of June 2019 in Brainport, the Netherlands! DATEX II will take part in the session “Information chain protocols and standards” on the 5th of June from 14.30h – 15.30h.

The purpose of the ITS Congress is to push the boundaries of modern mobility and is a unique opportunity to discover the latest developments and leading technologies in ITS. Click here more information about the ITS European Congress.

Presentation abstract:

The ITS world is changing. Where the information flow in the ITS value chain could formerly be presented as a linear line, technological innovations now ensure that all actors in this value chain can communicate with each other. It is therefore better to present the ITS world as a circle. All actors in the chain are affected by these changes. This is also true for DATEX II. The circle brings a big challenge: consistency and reliability of information throughout the value chain. Also, new requirements arise form new technological developments (C-ITS, CAD) and the type of information that needs to be exchanged (higher level of service). In addition, there are many domains outside of the national road authority domain that are related to DATEX II, like urban, logistics, multimodality, METR and UVAR, that need to be supported by the DATEX II organization.

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