Warnings when creating RC2 schema

Submitted by Joerg Freudenstein on Tuesday, 24 May, 2011 - 10:18
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UML General
Bug report

Here's a summary of all warnings which occur when using the schema generation tool on the RC2 model (model and tool just downloaded from website):

  • Illegal value found in tagged value 'attribute' (needs to be 'yes' instead of 'true') in attribute ...
    • measurementOrCalculatedTimePrecision in class BasicData
    • accuracy in class DataValue
    • computationalMethod in class DataValue
    • fault in class DataValue
    • faultReason in class DataValue
    • numberOfIncompleteInputs in class DataValue
    • numberOfInputValuesUsed in class DataValue
    • smoothingFactor in class DataValue
    • standardDeviation in class DataValue
    • supplierCalculatedDataQuality in class DataValue
  • Found that tagged value 'definition' is empty or missing on package ...
    • D2LogicalModel
    • PointAlongLinearElement
    • Humidity
    • Pollution
    • PrecipitationDetail
    • RoadSurfaceConditionMeasurements
    • Temperature
    • Visibility
    • Wind
  • Found that tagged value targetClass on attribute keyFilterReference on class FilterReference points to a class that does not exists in the model.
  • Found that tagged value targetClass on attribute keyCatalogueReference on class CatalogueReference points to a class that does not exists in the model.

There's one last warning which is only reported when using some updated version of the conversion tool:

  • Found that version tagged value is missing
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