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Submitted by jaderberg on Wednesday, 3 November, 2010 - 08:55
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The submitted Editorial changes to the CEN drafts leads to the following changes

1.       modelBaseVersion tagged value should have the value 2 in the model

2.       A new tagged value version in the model

Jonas comment: I suppose we create a new version tagged value on the D2LogicalModel class.

 The tool will be updated to  map the version tagged value to the schema version attribute.(own issue)

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Posted by jaderberg on April 25, 2028 Permalink

I prefer to name this tagged value modelVersion. The intial idea was to call it version, but in XMI/XML there is a lot of tagged values called version, so modelVersion would be easier and less rules needed to extract the "version" we need. modelVersion should still map to version attribute in XSD.

Posted by jaderberg on April 25, 2028 Permalink

Not possible. I see that in the CEN part that we states "The class shall furthermore have a UML Tagged
Value named "version" with a value of the full version".
So the tagged value should be "version"