UML profile association - issues related to EA

Submitted by iancornwell on Tuesday, 6 February, 2018 - 16:18
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The UML Profile initially used the metaclass Composition as the basis for the D2Relation stereotype. A sparx support engineer recommended to Ian Cornwell that we use Association instead, with an attribute set to indicate the composition, because the Composition metaclass was only kept for UML 1 compatibility. We tried using the Association metaclass, and this appeared to work in the EA user interface, but this had unwanted impact in the XMI: - we get extra elements with , implying that something is not recognising the stereotype as part of the profile. - we have 2 different XMI outputs for different instances of new associations, yet we cannot now see any difference between the model elements in the UI. For some instances, but not all instances, the XMI contains an ownedAttribute inside the class at the “whole” end of the composition. To explore, I created 2 new associations between different classes, using the same process; for one association the ownedAttribute appeared in the XMI but for the other it did not. So the implication is that the classes in some way determine whether this element appears, but I don’t know what property of the classes. Neither of the two different possible XMI outputs are the same as the ones created with the old profile, so the XMI is less consistent than before. These considerations caused us to consider reverting to the previous profile, but we should reconsider the issue if we get any further information from sparx.

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EN 16157-1 will now be published based on the Composition metaclass. Should we get informed that the issues described have been solved by sparx, we should consider to migrate to using Association and include the change in a corrigendum to EN 16157-1.