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Submitted by Fabrizio.Paoletti on Monday, 7 September, 2015 - 15:59
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An inconsistency has been found in documentation provided on website, since version 1.0 in example messages and User Guide about Alert C Location coding Country Code


In Alert C Method for AlertCLinear, AlertCPoint and AlertCArea Classes the same attribute alertCLocationCountryCode  has definition "EBU country code"


The UserGuide ( DATEXIIv2.0-UserGuide.pdf ) for Alert C report to use 'F' for France


we assume the reference in mind is the EN 50067 which contains the definition for usage of COuntry Codes in RDS ( and extended country codes out of Europe ) which map E for Sweden and Spain and F for France (http://www.interactive-radio-system.com/docs/EN50067_RDS_Standard.pdf pag 70 and 71 )


in the provided examples such code is otherwise managed in different ways  ( since Version 1.0 to the current version )


- in example Situation Record Accident we find alertCLocationCountryCode = E for sweden feed

- in example file for Travel Time we found 14 in example from France 

- in example for Itinerary we find both Code E and 14  ( and incidentally version is further defined as "2.1" or "2.0" while it should be an integer in TMC coding despite the datatype is valid as it is String )


otherwise searching the web for "EBU country codes" lead to https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/tech/tech3279.pdf which base its definition to ISO alha 2 country codes.


same concern is about alertCLocationTableNumber which in the user guide is identified with 32 and in the examples from Sweden is 33 and also for France is the same.. while we had assumed in the past it was the Location Table number defined in the country, which for Italy we would provide as 1

after discussion in TG it seems that the correct reference for CC is EN 50067 so we assume this should be improved in definition and updated in example messages and guides

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Discussed at Oporto TG and agreed that the model should not change.
Call on 3/12 agreed this should be reassigned to documentation.