New Tagged Value for Profile core component sets and Tool support for this

Submitted by Joerg Freudenstein on Tuesday, 2 June, 2015 - 11:53
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There is the need, to mark attributes (as well as classes, enumerations, literals) as being core components for a specific type of profile in the UML model. Note that I do not use the word "mandatory" here, because optional elements can be covered as well.

In the DATEX tool, it should be possible to select a set of core components (severals sets should be available).
Those elements must stay selected then.

A set of well defined attributes and other elements (madatory as well as optional!) needs to be included in each profile to be complaint to EU Regulation 885/2013 (Safe and secure truck parking)(but of course, the profile can be larger than this core elements).  
Now the DATEX Tool should provide some kind of checkbox labeled for instance with "885", which selects all those elements and which makes it impossible to deselect them again (as long as the chekcbox is active). Most likely, those elements should also become visible for the user, maybe by colour.

To define those core elements, the proposal is to introduce a new tagged value when using EA (for each kind of DATEX object), for example with name "ProfileSets", and to insert zero to many set-indicators in its value, for example introduced by hashtags like this: "#885 #886 #myLittelProfileSet".

The Tool must read all these tagged values and provide a checkbox for each set-indicator found.

Once again the main idea of this is to support Profiling with a fixed set of core components, which have to be part of each Profile (in a special context).


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