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Submitted by Fabrizio.Paoletti on Tuesday, 30 December, 2014 - 17:16
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Single DATEX elementary  Information may be related to some organization which is responsible of the data which is delivered among centres

i.e. the Road Owner which directly manages Traffic Management Centres, or Police Centres which manage information for public national or regional road 

the organization which is responsible of this information should be clearly identified in DATEX, which thing is not explicitly and completely covered in the current model as we have

in the model we have now only NationalIdentifier which  seems mostly relative to the Organization which runs the DATEX node which is managed for "Publication Creator" in association to Publication or to Exchange as Supplier ( most of time these are understood to be the same so maybe we would drop one )

we then need to introduce the ownership of information, specifying for instance which organization runs the devices as VMS or Measurement Sites as well as the Centre which update and create the information for the first time.

In Situation and Elaborated Data Publication Source seems to be usable for such information in some cases but it is not fully usable as source for some cases where a Source is different from the responsible Organization : e.g. TVCC or other device (owned by Road Operator or Authorities ) or an Authority itself a Police Patrol which informs the road owner which is the Centre Owner where the information is actually created/updated and  this last organization is the responsible information organization

in our opinion Information Responsable Organization would be the name of organization which is responsible for data and its updates and should be associated to

- MeasurementTables or Single MeasurementSites
- VMSUnitTable or Single VMSUnit
- Elaborated Data Publication or SingleElaborated Data
- Situation or single SituationRecord

we understand this organization may be different from DATEX supplier node in case of Traffic Information Centres which deliver information gathered from other centres that's the reason for we need this as an explicit information besides supplier. and this is also distinct from source which may is defined in different way


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Posted by iancornwell on April 23, 2023 Permalink

Added informationManager to 8 classes in line with clarification in TG call:

Also to be added to Parking classes...

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Added to ParkingTable and ParkingRecord, which completes the issue.