GroupOfLocation model does not allow OpenLRlinear by defitiion

Submitted by bard on Tuesday, 14 January, 2014 - 09:34
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An openLR linear does not comply with the definition of a Linear in DII. Linear has the definition: A linear section along a single road with optional directionality defined between two points on the same road. The issue is that an openLR linear can be on more than one road This would then be an itinerary with openLR linear. But then we get another issue: An openLR linear does not comply with the definition of an itinerary in DII. Itinerary has the definition: Multiple (i.e. more than one) physically separate locations arranged as an ordered set that defines an itinerary or route.. An openLR linear can be on one road. The result is that we need a new locationtype as specialisation of Networklocation that defines a route, that is defined by points and a prescribed algotrithm to determine the route between these points. Such an extension is not allowed as Networklocation and location are abstract. The request is to extend the basic model with the proposed loctiontype.

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Linear was changed in comment resolution in 2016 so that some kinds of linear are explicitly on a single road while others are not. So this is fixed in v3.