Webinar day 3: DATEX II Toolchain Hands-on

Our third webinar day was a live demonstration on the DATEX II Toolchain. With demonstrations by Ian Cornwell, Jonas Jäderberg and Josef Kaltwasser, and Jörg Freudenstein and Martin van Ekelenburg answering questions. The demonstration had a technical nature, and is particularly interesting for software developers. Topics included:

  • How to select appropriate DATEX II Level A data model packages and plug them together;
  • How to create Level B and Level C extensions, if needed;
  • How to use the schema wizard to create implementation artefacts;
  • How the different interoperability Levels (A/B/C) are actually handled in Software;
  • How interface code is generated for different development environments;
  • How it all works together in the end.
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