Webinar day 2: Sharing Achievements

On this second day we dove into the recent achievements reflected by version 3.1 of the DATEX II standard. Our experts explain the new content models on VMS and Road Traffic Data as EN standards, as well as Traffic Management Plans, and TrafficLight publications as TS specifications. To ease the use of DATEX II in specific use cases like the EU Delegated Regulations, Recommended Reference Profiles are now available for SRTI and RTTI data categories. The profiles themselves, as well as how to work with them will be presented. In addition to the content of traffic and travel data, DATEX II also has a set of supporting data exchange standards. With the new Exchange 2020 specification, Collaborating ITS Services are now available, supporting the coordination and collaboration processeses between actors in the traffic management domain.

In case you missed (part of) the sessions you can view and download the presentations here:

Session 1 – Exchanging DATEX II encoded content: presentations on Exchange 2020 specification releaseCreate exchange service, and JSON.

Session 2 – Updated DATEX II content in version 3.1: presentations on Road Traffic Data and VMS.

Session 3 – New content models in version 3.1 aiming at urban context: presentations on Rerouting Management Enhanced and Traffic signal timing and configuration models.

Session 4 – DATEX II CIS: presentation (Part 1 and Part 2) on Collaborating ITS Services to support Joint traffic management based on Traffic Management Plans.

Session 5 – Profiling, Recommended Profiles and documentation: demo and a presentation on RRP/RSP

Session 6 – Sneak Preview on DATEX II version 3.2.

The videos of the day’s session can be found on our Youtube Channel.

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