DATEX II Version 3.0 can be downloaded here. Supporting material can be found here.


DATEX II, a multi-part Standard

CENDATEX II is a multi-part Standard, maintained by CEN Technical Committee 278, Road Transport and Traffic Telematics, see www.itsstandards.eu . CEN – the European Standardization Organisation – is the leading standards development organisation in Europe (see www.cen.eu). CEN Technical Committee 278 addresses Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and is responsible for the standardisation of the DATEX II data model. CEN/TC278, through National Standards Bodies’ consultation and balloting, adopts new DATEX II standards or modifies existing standards. There are seven parts of the CEN/TC 278 that deal with the DATEX II: 

  • Part 1: Context and framework
  • Part 2: Location referencing
  • Part 3: Situation publication
  • Part 4: Variable Message Sign (VMS) Publications
  • Part 5: Measured and Elaborated Data Publications
  • Part 6: Parking Publication
  • Part 7: Common data elements

The first six Parts of the CEN DATEX II series CEN/TS 16157 were approved as Technical Specifications in 2011-2015. Parts 1, 2, 3 and 7 of the CEN DATEX II series prEN are now under approval as European Standards.

More parts are to follow as new content requirements emerge.


DATEX II Exchange ISO standard

To enable a flexible use of the traffic content part of DATEX II, independent from the technology used to exchange this information, a definite split between the content laid down in Version 3 and DATEX II Exchange is made. DATEX II Exchange is going to be standardised in joint CEN/ISO context, because of similar standardisation activities running in Japan and the USA.

As a result, we now have a draft for a framework standard for exchanging traffic data and the support of Traffic Management Plan activation between centres, on the logical level. Based on this framework, the consequent technology related standards are drafted to support these exchange mechanisms. These new standards replace the exchange relate parts that were part of Version 2.X.