Multiple use of ISO 19148 georeference method

Submitted by Joerg Freudenstein on Friday, 25 May, 2012 - 11:46
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The component LinearAlongLinearElement resp. PointAlongLinearElement can be attached at maximum once to the component Linear resp. Point. But there is the need of using this container multiple times to describe the same location. In Germany, for example, there is an inter-urban georeferencing method, which can be best represented with this ISO 19148 container - in addition to some edge representation, for example. Proposal: Change upper multiplicity for this aggreagtion from 1 to *, so that the usage of this container is not longer restricted (in each case Point and Linear). It would be nice to get some new attribute (string), where the type of usage of the container can be specified.

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Posted by Josef Kaltwasser on May 31, 2034 Permalink

I see the point and suggest that the DATEX committees discuss the proposal. Nevertheless, it is not backwards compatible with CEN/TS16157-2:2011 and thus can not be incorporated prior to v3.0.

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Implemented resolution documented by Loic

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