Measured Data Publication optimization

Submitted by Fabrizio.Paoletti on Friday, 9 March, 2012 - 15:54
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UML Measured Data Pub
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In the Class BasicData the attributes 


could be also associated to the class SiteMeasurement

For some devices infact these attributes are the same for all MeasuredValues associated to the same site

Proposal to manage: move the above mentioned attributes now in BasicData to the upper level class  SiteMeasurement  and introduce "override" attributes with the same meaning but with override behaviour of the SiteMeasurement ones in the classe BasicData 

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Posted by Josef Kaltwasser on June 2, 2028 Permalink

The request is reasonable and clearly phrased. It will be considered by the DATEX committees but has to wait for v3.0 since it violates backwards compatibility with the v2.0 level A model.

Posted by iancornwell on January 2, 2023 Permalink

Agreed along with Part 5 systematic review comments.
Note that we could simply copy the 3 attributes up to SiteMeasurements, but since they also have to stay in BasicData it is surely better to factor out into a class and aggregate in both places. This class has been called MeasurementOrCalculationTimeCharacteristics. I would have liked to shorten to TimeCharacteristics, but the BasicData itself could be a kind of time, so the longer name seemed necessary to indicate that this is metadata with respect to the payload of the BasicData. To avoid repeating the long name of the class within its attributes which are clearly scoped, shorten the period to “timePeriod”; and the time to “timeValue”.
Because BasicData are used in other contexts than only with SiteMeasurements, and because varying times seem more common than default times, I used documentation rather than an attribute name to indicate the “override”, and SiteMeasurements gets the more specific attribute name with “default”.
Done in revision 805.