Is it impossible to exchange DATEX II level C?

Submitted by Josef Kaltwasser on Tuesday, 18 May, 2010 - 16:51
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I can not see how it is possible to exchange DATEX II Level C messages using the current exchange WSDLs. The methodology / tool prescribe that Level C model will have a different namespace, which is provided by the modeller of the extension. On the other hand, the two WSDLs are hard-coded to import the DATEX II schema into the Level A/B namespace. I must admit I am not a WSDL expert, but I cannot see how this should work?

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Posted by jaderberg on May 24, 2028 Permalink

It is possible to exchange DATEX II level C. But, not with the two WSDL's those are for level A and B extensions. For level C, you take the two WSDL's change schema to your level C schema (with your own namespace). Then you also should change the target namespace in the WSDL. Then you can exchange level C data.
I see that we might need to document this somewhere. I also have a feeling that we need a guide for extensions in the futur, maybe this can go in there.

Posted by Josef Kaltwasser on June 24, 2025 Permalink

I have reset this to "active" to bring the proposal for a documentation hint of the procedure proposed by Jonas to the attention of potential users.

Posted by Joerg Freudenstein on August 24, 2024 Permalink

Fixing for Version 2.4 in extension guide.

Posted by Josef Kaltwasser on August 24, 2024 Permalink

I think this is supposed to read "Fixing for Version 2.3"