Website requirements

Submitted by Joerg Freudenstein on Wednesday, 22 July, 2015 - 14:25
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Feature request

These are a few requirements for the website.
I will also report them to the webmaster.

  • When calling without being logged in, the header in the browsers tab titles "access denied". This is unlikely and should be changed (e.g. to 'DATEX II official homepage' or something similar).
  • On several subsides of the homepage, the information you see differs in case you are logged in or not, i.e. you do not see the full spectrum, when you are not logged in. But this circumstance ist not visibile to the user, i.e. the user does not realise that content is missing because he is not logged in. This should be made clear by some appropriate sentences (e.g. in the deployments directories as well in the downloads section etc.).
  • Profiles are sometimes using Extensions as well. Thus it is difficult to decide, in which of the two directories to place. Newertheless, when using the Profiles directory, it would be useful to have an additional column, with shows information about one or more extensions used for this profile. This column should be visible on top level in offline mode, too (i.e. on the deployments - profile main page, even if you are not logged in).
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