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Submitted by Joerg Freudenstein on Wednesday, 22 April, 2015 - 09:47
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UML VMS Table Pub
Feature request

These are some VMS feature requests, mostly resulting from German TLS specification (but is not a complete cross check).

  • As far as I can see, pictograms cannot be associated with a specific lane (e.g. different speed limits for each lane). The lane attribute should be introduced in VmsPictogramDisplayCharacteristics.


  • Proposals for VmsDatexPictogramEnum:
    • snow maybe complemented by fallingSnow and snowOrIceSleekness
    • endOfAllRestrictions
    • blinkingAmber
    • dangerOfTrafficCongestion
    • wetness
    • limitedVisibility
    • ozon
    • noiseProtection
    • dangerOfBlackIce
    • restrictedToPassengerCars
    • wrongWayDriver
    • blackIce


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Posted by Fabrizio.Paoletti on December 24, 2023 Permalink

The model sees a VMS Unit controlling Single VMS

Defining a Message as an elementary information displayed by a single VMS, in this model any visual information like pictogram associated to a single lane which may represent a single information is seen as a VMS itself each of them is modeled with one or more picto depending on the device ( pictogram such as full color pixel matrix or simpler lane traffic light may be associated to the same Lane VMS, controlled by a single VMS unit )

so the actual model has Lane VMS, not Lane pictos: a single picto is to be modeled as a VMS.