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Submitted by Joerg Freudenstein on Tuesday, 3 June, 2014 - 16:55
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CEN 278 WG8 decided not to introduce a huge number of currency enum-literals but to use a String instead an to refer to the standard instead.

The same should be done with the Country enum (i.e. removing the enumeration, change to String, referring to standard).
Maybe other enumerations have to be checked as well for this issue.

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Posted by Joerg Freudenstein on June 2, 2026 Permalink

CEN WG8 revised its decision regarding currencies:

CurrencyEnum will be an enumeration based on ISO 4217, but only covering European currencies inc. Rubel and US-Dollars as well as the literal 'other'. This results in a list of 28 entries.
There will be no String attribute.

To be discussed, if there should be any (and which) consequences on the CountryEnum as well.

Posted by Joerg Freudenstein on March 2, 2026 Permalink

For Currency Enum, the policy described above has changed: An eunum was introduced with European currencies only.

Thus, there is no intention any longer to use Strings instead of Enums for these kind of attributes. Country Enum will stay an enumeration - issue closed.

Reminder: Update issue in #159 is still open.