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Submitted by jaderberg on Monday, 10 September, 2012 - 11:10
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I have seen several times the need to say just "road blocked" or "exit slip road blocked". This is not possible today in DATEX because road blocked is underneath the Impact class, trafficConstrictionType attribute. Which means you have to have a situationRecord. Normally this would be the source but, if you don't know the source yet?
For road closed, which is similar, this is not a problem becuase there you can create a NetworkManagement class. 
If it is a bug or not I am not sure. 

One slution could be to create a "Obstruction.obstructionOnTheRoad" och then set the trafficConstrictionType = roadBlocked.  Butm it feels more lika a work around.

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Posted by Fabrizio.Paoletti on January 26, 2034 Permalink

For what I found there is a potential interoperability problem on this

you can now express "Blocked Road" Condition either

- on any Situation Record specifying an Impact Class with atribute Impact.TrafficConstritionType = Blocked


instantiating an AbnormalTraffic Class with AbnormalTrafficType = stationaryTrafic and trafficFlowCharacteristics = traficBlocked

this second option would allow to manage a Blocked Road or Blocked Slip Road specifiyng the Location properly ( with SupplementaryPositionalDescription and AffectedCarriagewayAndLanes for SlipRoads )

As we also have a requirement to manage Road Blocked situation element as a situation record by itself and not only as impact on a "source"/ "cause" situation element and this second option fulfills precisely this requirement I would push to use AbnormalTraffic Classe to describe the kind of situation on road and leave impact just for Delays

As a matter of fact there is now a potential interoperability problem as there are two ways to express the "Road is Blocked" condition.

Posted by Josef Kaltwasser on May 26, 2031 Permalink

Solution described in #1 is sufficient.