Profile Directory

A DATEX II system is composed of different publications which can be delivered with different Exchange PSM´s. Each DATEX II system builder chooses to implement the subset of couple publications - Functional Exchange Profile + Exchange Pattern (FEP + EP) implemented by an Exchange PSM based on his needs. This subset is called a “DATEX II profile”.

The need is to have profiles and options that allow DATEX II users to customize their implementations in order to provide more or less functionalities/facilities as necessary and not to be forced into implementing all the features. DATEX II allows every user to define a profile according to his own requirements whilst keeping interoperability on common parts (publications, operating modes) with other users.

In this Directory you can find all the profiles since version 2.0.

If you want to upload a profile yourself, please log in to your datex2 user account and upload your content by clicking on in the user account menu on the bottom of this page. 

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Version: 2.3
Title Country/Region Organization Profile object
Wind 1.0 DATEXII profile for Croatia Croatia Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. PredefinedLocationsPublication
Version: 2.2
Title Country/Region Organization Profile object
Traffic Light Information SEAMLESS project StaticTrafficSignalPublication / DynamicTrafficSignalPublication / TrafficSignalQueuePublication /
Version: 2.1
Title Country/Region Organization Profile object
DATEX II profile for Mobile Lane Closure Trailers Hessen, Germany Hessen Mobil Situation
Italian Motorways Operators DATEX II Profile and Extensions Italy Italian Motorways Operators DATEX technical group Motorways Running Operations
Travel Times and Traffic Condition SEAMLESS project ElaboratedData
Version: 2.0
Title Country/Region Organization Profile object
Data model for TMPs and Navigation systems DE AlbrechtConsult GmbH SituationRecord / GeneralNetworkManagement