Traffic Light Information

Status definition refers to ISO 14187
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StaticTrafficSignalPublication / DynamicTrafficSignalPublication / TrafficSignalQueuePublication /
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This profile uses three new publications to exchange information about traffic lights between data provider and service provider. In the static publication part, traffic streams and stop line points can be located. In the dynamic part, information about the signal states can be encoded by a time vector or by a collection of the next signal states. There is a third publication, which allows to transfer queueing information within a very slim message set.
The profile was reflected within the SEAMLESS project and designed by AlbrechtConsult.

In the you'll find

  • 3 Schemata (XSD)
  • 4 Examples (XML)
  • The XMI-file 'D2LogicalModel.xml' (the original link for the XMI-file needed to be filled with an empty dummy).
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SEAMLESS project
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An ERA NET ROAD project.
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Jörg Freudenstein
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