Profile for Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI) created from in-vehicle data

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This is a profile for SRTI content created out of access to in-vehicle data (so called Level 2/Level 2 prime, denoted as L2/L2'), which is used in the scope of a Proof-of-Concept currently carried out by a number of members of the SRTI Data Taskforce who have signed a corresponding Memorandum of Understanding. The partners active in this PoC to create SRTI content have access to L2/L2' in-vehicle data and create SRTI content out of this. The resulting SRTI feed is published based on this profile.The profile is based on the DATEX II v3.0 pre-assembled Situation model - as available via the download part of - and has been created using the SRTI Recommended Reference Profile to ensure compliance with Delegated Regulation (EU) 886/2013, which is available via the data profile wizard also available on in the tooling section.

The profile essentially covers those instantiatable classes specialised from SituationRecord, which represent the objects that can be assigned to the eight basic categories of safety-related information denoted in the Delegated Regulation. The selected encoding elements follow the mapping table for DR886 to various standards, which is currently prepared.

The location referencing options have been chosen according to the preferences of the SRTI service creators in the PoC. With respect to OpenLR, the profiles is based on a small Level B extensions that provide the options to use OpenLR Binary encoding instead of the OpenLR modelling approach taken in the LocationReferencing package.

The corresponding schemas are available at

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High Level Meeting Data Task Force
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The purpose of the Data Task Force is to take the first steps towards data sharing for Safety-Related Traffic Information in the European Union.

The Data Task Force is the first project in the European Union and the biggest project in the world focusing on improving road safety by means of the large-scale use of vehicle data. The project is also unique because of the profound public-private cooperation.

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Martin van Ekelenburg
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