Italian Motorways Operators DATEX II Profile and Extensions

Status definition refers to ISO 14187
Profile object
Motorways Running Operations
Profile information

 The profile is been elaborate by the IT DATEX II Motorways technical group after inputs and requirements from other groups such as Italian Mare Nostrum and has aimed to finalize common operating environment to run Operational DATEX II data exchange to run Motorways Operatorse needs, based on the pluriannual DATEX1 experience.

Organization name
Italian Motorways Operators DATEX technical group
Organization description

A group set on the umbrella of previous TEMPO Program and Easyway Program to share information and best practices about Traffic Data Exchange among TMC and TIC Centres, by Motorways Operators involved in the Programs, including AISCAT and other partners such as ANAS and Technical organizations, with people directly involved in EU related committes such as DATEX TG, Easyway DG groups and TC278/WG8.

This group aim to share experiences and refine hamonized specification for comon data exchange application using DATEX.

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Fabrizio Paoletti
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