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Magyar Közút (Hungarian Public Roads) provides DATEX II traffic data of the Hungarian national road network for service providers to be distributed to road users.

This document describes the Hungarian planned and unplanned events. Events cover a wide range of event types that potentially cause short-term and long-term disruptions to traffic. The goal of this profile documentation is to have a better understanding of our data usage, structure, and point of view.

Planned events include construction and maintenance works, public events, disturbance activities and lane or carriageway management actions carried out by Magyar Közút. This profile uses DATEX II SituationPublication and is fit for DATEX II version 2.3.

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Hungarian Public Roads
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Hungarian Public Roads is responsible for the operation and maintenance of nearly 32,000 km of national roads.

The company was established on the 1st of October, 2005. With regard to its more than 6,000 employees and economic indicators, Hungarian Public Roads is ranked among the top ten state-owned enterprises in Hungary. Road operations are carried out in 19 counties, at 93 maintenance centers, under the supervision of our headquarters in Budapest.

Our main mission is to ensure smooth traffic flow for travelers by performing road maintenance activities. These activities consist of the operation, as well as routine and preventive maintenance, of the national public road network, including expressways and motorways.

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Máté Verdes
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