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Status definition refers to ISO 14187
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This ist the German profile for traffic data as published on the national market place MDM (version 01-00-00).
It covers Travel Times, Level of Service, Measurement Sites and Road Weather Data.
The bundle published here is a summary of several profile. They are combined in one documentation. A number of schema files are included.
Please note that the documentation of the profile is basicly in German language. However, there is an English addon that gives on overview and describes the Level B extensions used in this profile.

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The Mobility Data Market Place (MDM) is Germany's "Single Point of Access".
Providers and users of traffic data from public authorities and the private sector find here a neutral platform and defined data and quality standards for publishing and transferring data. The MDM forms a central component of ITS in Europe as an established standard platform with constantly expanding traffic data coverage.
The MDM is part of the Federal Government's innovation programme and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) is responsible for managing the project.

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Lutz Rittershaus
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