ECo-AT - DATEX II profile for CAM aggregation use case

Status definition refers to ISO 14187
Profile object
MeasuredSiteTablePublication, MeasuredDataPublication, and ElaboratedDataPublication
Profile information

This profile describes the message content for the CAM aggregation use case as described by the project ECo-AT. The profile is divided into three parts: CAM location, CAM content, and CAM single vehicle data. The CAM location part describes the location information for the general CAM aggregation scenario, whereas the CAM content part describes the content information for the general CAM aggregation scenario. The CAM single vehicle data describes the location as well as the content information for the CAM single vehicle data scenario. The profile also uses level b extensions, which are also described in this document. All the extension components are colored in yellow, and the enumeration components are colored in blue. The CAM location uses “MeasuredSiteTablePublication”, the CAM content uses the “MeasuredDataPublication” and the CAM single vehicle data uses the “ElaboratedDataPublication”. Change log: Changes from V1 to V2 (published on 31.10.2016)

  • Added average speed in space and average speed in time to CAM content
  • Added a level b extension for providing missing attributes for location referencing: shape, distanceA, distanceB, and toleranceAngle.
Organization name
ECo-AT (The Austrian contribution to the Cooperative ITS Corridor)
Organization description

ECo-AT (European Corridor – Austrian Testbed for Cooperative Systems) is the Austrian project to create harmonised and standardised cooperative ITS applications jointly with partners in Germany and the Netherlands. The project is led by the Austrian motorway operator ASFINAG and the consortium consists of Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Siemens AG Österreich, SWARCO AG, High Tech Marketing, Volvo Technology AB, FTW, ITS Vienna Region, and BASt (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen).

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Dipl.-Ing. Peter Meckel
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