DATEX II profile for Mobile Lane Closure Trailers

Status definition refers to ISO 14187
Profile object
Profile information

Mobile Lane Closure Trailors are used to inidicate road works or road maintenance, lane closures or road closures.

This DATEX II profile can be used to transfer information from Mobile Lane Closure Trailers from central to central, for example from some service provider to some management system. Usually the data is generated inside the trailer system itself and collected by a service provider.

This profile can be especially uesful for short term events, in which the situation cannot be scheduled in advance. The information can be subject to change, for instance the position (moving road maintenance) or the signals and symbols displayed to the drivers. Therefore it is possible to transfer the data at a high frequency.

Organization name
Hessen Mobil
Organization description

Hessen Mobil plans, builds, maintains and manages the entire inter urban road network of Hessen (Germany) making for a total of 17,000 km of road network in charge.

Hessen, Germany
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Jörg Freudenstein
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