Data model for TMPs and Navigation systems

Status definition refers to ISO 14187
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SituationRecord / GeneralNetworkManagement
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Using this data model traffic control strategies according to a traffic management plan can be described. They include a set of routes that can be
weighted as georeferenced objects depending on the vehicle classifications. So-called input and output
triggers can be defined for Strategies on which relevant vehicles can be filtered for the strategy.

Furthermore it is possible to describe additional capacity increasing actions, such as green waves or enabeling additional lanes.

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AlbrechtConsult GmbH
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AlbrechtConsult is a consulting company specialised on planning, realisation and operation of systems related to traffic engineering. Within the last 10 years it has developed to become the leading independent IT and organisation consultant in the segment of road traffic systems, traffic management and telematics.

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Jörg Freudenstein
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