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Status definition refers to ISO 14187
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ASFINAG provides DATEX II traffic data feeds in real time with 24/7/365 availability of all Austrian highways and motorways. Principal contractors for the data would be service providers for mobile transmission to vehicles. Please visit for registration and to acquire a contract.


This section describes the Austrian Reference Profile for safety-related traffic information. It uses SituationPublication to describe the content of unplanned events. Location referencing is done using Points and Linear elements in the form of coordinates and ALERT-C. OpenLR location referencing is also supported. It also uses few B level extensions in addition to the approved extensions, which are also documented. One important extension is the “Graph Integration Platform (GIP)”. The GIP provides a digital map of Austria’s transport network to all authorities.

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ASFINAG acts as an economically responsible motorway operator. We are convinced that modern and sustainably developed infrastructure is essential both for the mobility requirements of every single person and for Austria as a location for business. By using new technologies and innovations, we want to make Austria's motorways and expressways amongst the safest in Europe – in the interest of our customers and to strengthen the country as a place in which to do business.

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Dipl.-Ing. Gottfried Allmer
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