NRA Traffic DATEX II Service

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National Roads Authority
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The National Roads Authority (NRA) was formally established as an independent statutory body under the Roads Act, 1993 with effect from 1 January, 1994. The Authority's primary function, under the Roads Act 1993, is to secure the provision of a safe and efficient network of National roads. For this purpose, it has overall responsibility for planning and supervision of construction and maintenance works on these roads. The National Roads Authority (NRA) makes traffic and travel information available to other organisations (e.g. local authorities and other national roads authorities) via this web site. The data includes Events (Planned and Unplanned), Travel Times, data from Vehicle Detector Stations, Variable Message Sign settings and Weather Station readings. The data is published in Datex2 (XML) format - Datex2 is a standard format for exchanging traffic and travel data between organisations. To have access to this data, you will need a user name and password.

Republic of Ireland
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Location Referencing Format
Covered network

Republic of Ireland's national primary road and motorway network managed by the National Traffic Management Centre.

Measured Data
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David Laoide-Kemp
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