Extension Directory

DATEX II models can be extended using extensions. The following conditions must be kept in mind:

  • DATEX II can be extended with application specific extensions.
  • Extensions are recommended to be done in the UML model. Users are strongly discouraged to manually edit the generated schemas.
  • A level A model can be extended and will then become a Level B if the Level B extensions rules are respected. If not, the model will become a Level C model.

Here you can look into updated extensions.

If you want to upload an extension yourself, please log in to your datex2 user account and upload your content by clicking on in the user account menu on the bottom of this page. 

For all requests related to the contents of the Extension Directory please send a message at helpdesk@datex2.eu

Version: 2.2
Title Country/Region Organization
Parking Publications Extension v1.0a Germany AlbrechtConsult GmbH
Safety Related Messages Germany AlbrechtConsult GmbH
Version: 2.1
Title Country/Region Organization
VMS Operational Exchange and TMP Management Italy IT Motorways DATEX group
Version: 2.0
Title Country/Region Organization
LineString extension Sweden Viati
Road Infrastructure Publication Extension Portugal Armis - Sistemas de Informação, lda
Version: 2.0 RC2
Title Country/Region Organization
CCTV Publications Extension Updated UK / England Highways Agency
Data Quality Publication Extension UK / England Highways Agency
Version: 2.0 RC1
Title Country/Region Organization
Catalogue Extension Germany GEVAS software GmbH
VMS Publication Extension Italy / England Autostrada per l'Italia and The Highways Agency (England)
Version: 1.0
Title Country/Region Organization
AgoraC extension Sweden Viati