Socrates 2.0 Regulated Access Zone Publications

Submitted by bard on Thursday, 10 June, 2021 - 11:29
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Extension on DATEX II to express the restrictions on roadusage in zones/area's. These are usually applied as Low emission zone's, zone's with limited vehicle access (for trucks) and or for loading and unloading etc in pedestrian zones etc.

There are two interrelated publications: the RegulatedAccessZoneTable, containing the static characteristics of the zone. In some situations a dynamic element is part of the regulation (e.g. triggered by pollution or in case of events that require special opening of stretches of road) The fact that specific roads can be exemted or activated dynamically is in the Table. The actual activation is in another publication: RAZDynamicActivationPublication.

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Socrates 2.0
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Bard de Vries
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SOCRATES2.0 is a pan-European project that brings together road authorities, service providers and car manufacturers. Together they set new standards to share and integrate traffic information. This enables effective traffic management and opens the door to innovative traffic information and navigation services. It will make traffic smoother, safer and more sustainable. Hence our pay-off: fast, safe and green. SOCRATES2.0 also provides the essential building blocks to prepare Europe for the future of self-driving cars. 

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