Extentions for smart routing and avoidance”

Submitted by bard on Thursday, 10 June, 2021 - 13:01
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A draft of what has become the TMP publication
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One is an update of an existing extension that was the basis of the TMP publications and more specifically ReroutingManagement 2. This was taken from a draft available in 2018 of this work. The extension created for Socrates should not be implemented as the final TMP related extensions have been modified during the standardisation process.

Apart from that an extension has been made to carry the Socrates specific elements with regard to the requested services and accompanying arrangements from the Service providers.


A third extension is defined to the ServiceInformation class. This is to express that in case of a full Parking an alternative destination can be provided, even when coming from different directions.

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Socrates 2.0
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Bard de Vries
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SOCRATES2.0 is a pan-European project that brings together road authorities, service providers and car manufacturers. Together they set new standards to share and integrate traffic information. This enables effective traffic management and opens the door to innovative traffic information and navigation services. It will make traffic smoother, safer and more sustainable. Hence our pay-off: fast, safe and green. SOCRATES2.0 also provides the essential building blocks to prepare Europe for the future of self-driving cars. 

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