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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thursday, 1 July, 2010 - 16:59
Status definition refers to ISO 14817
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This is an initial draft of a proposed level B extension for a new Data Quality publication.

This publication provides a statement of generic quality metadata applicable over a period of time (consistent with ISO/TR 21707) for one or more specified DATEX II publication services available from a supplier. It contains metadata for each overall service and/or metadata for individual elements of data content provided by those services. The information contained in this publication may be suitable for being referenced in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between a supplier and consumer (client).

The information contained in this publication is based on the guidance given in ISO/TR21707 and is intended to allow consumers of DATEX II services to be able to assess the (expected) quality of those services and thus be able to determine the suitability of those services for the consumer's intended purpose.

The full EA Model file and XML Schema which incorporate the proposed new DataQualityPublication as a level B extension of the level A model are downloadable below. Also the separate xmi export file just containing the Extension package is made available for download.

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