CCTV Publications Extension Updated

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thursday, 24 June, 2010 - 16:24
Status definition refers to ISO 14817
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CctvStatusPublication & CctvSiteTablePublication
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This is an updated version of the previous 1.0 that was published earlier. The only difference is that the earlier published extension was based erroneously on a version of the model that has not yet been published (Post 2.0 RC2). This one is based on 2.0RC2.

This is an initial draft of a proposed level B extension for a new pair of CCTV publications.
These publications cover the static and dynamic information associated with CCTV cameras. It allows CCTV information to be made available to other authorities and service providers who may wish to make use of the images from those cameras or to those who wish to monitor the status or potentially take control of CCTV cameras deployed on the road network. These publications do not provide any control functionality for CCTV cameras, although the published information may be of use to inform systems that do control CCTV cameras. They also do not provide the image or video information.

The publications are based on the requirements of the Highways Agency in England for data interfacing to their Traffic Camera Service and on requests from service providers (e.g. Google) to be able to access the HA’s CCTV camera metadata in a standard way which would make it easier for them to access CCTV camera images.
The full EA Model file and XML Schema which incorporate the proposed new CctvStatusPublication and CctvSiteTable Publication as level B extensions of the level A model are downloadable below. Also the separate xmi export file just containing the Extension package is made available for download.

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Highways Agency
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Tim Wright
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The Highways Agency is responsible for the management and operation of the strategic road network in England comprising the motorway network and the non-urban trunk road network.

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UK / England
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