DATEX II Forum 2020 – Call for Contributions

DATEX II Forum 2020 – Call for Contributions


We are happy to announce the sixth DATEX II Forum to be held on the 25th and 26th of November 2020 in Paris, France.

With the ­finalization of Version 3, DATEX II is now at the heart of connectivity, supporting the digitalisation of road traffic and travel information. Next to important updates implemented for national road operators and service providers, DATEX II has broadened its focus to the domains of urban mobility, electro mobility charging infrastructure, logistics, electronic traffic regulations and connected and autonomous mobility. The Forum will reflect these themes and topics in both the management and technical stream.

To make this a successful Forum, we invite you to share your experiences with DATEX II in your domain or for your service, to raise the issues you think need to be addressed and to give us your thoughts about future perspectives.

We encourage presentations that address one or more of the following themes:

  • Experiences with DATEX II by road operators, service providers and neighbouring domains such as Urban, E-mobility, Electronic traffic regulations (including Urban Vehicle Access Regulations, i.e. UVAR), Logistics and Cooperative and Connected Mobility
  • Deployment of DATEX II in your service provision due to the EU Delegated Acts on:
    • DR 886/2013, addressing Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI)
    • DR 962/2015, addressing Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI)
    • DR 885/2013, addressing Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPA
    • DR 2017/1926, addressing Multimodal Travel Information Services (MMTIS)
  • Experiences with DATEX II in National Access Points from different perspectives, such as the European Commission, automotive industry, traffic management, mobility service providers, traffic authorities etc.)
    • Use of DATEX II for new services
    • Legal and business aspects
    • Open data and NAPs
    • The impact of DATEX II on a European NAP network and vice versa
  • How can DATEX II support different service types, such as:
    • Traffic management information from operator to operator
    • Real-time high-density traffic information and dynamic route navigation based on traffic conditions and traffic management measures
    • Joint network management
    • Data collection for traffic management
  • · Managing overlaps with other standards
    • Results of joint mapping exercises (e.g. on METR, SRTI, …)
    • Mapping between standards in the process chain of complex (C-)ITS services
  • DATEX II Version 3.0
    • The v3.0 modularisation with packages and namespaces
    • Practical application of the DATEX II UML profile in creating models/extensions
    • Experiences with JSON transfer syntax and DATEX II light
    • The new v3.0 features for extensions
    • The technical support via the new DATEX II website

So, if you have anything that you would like to share with the growing DATEX II community on the abovementioned topics or any other topic that you believe would be of interest, fill in the submission form found below or send your input via email

Submissions must be entered before the 1st of July 2020. Once we have received your input, the DATEX II SG / TMG will assess your input to see how and where your proposal fits best in the programme. Successful submissions will be informed by mid-September at the latest.

You will find the full programme and all other helpful information on the DATEX II website at

We look forward to receiving your contributions and we hope to meet you all in Paris!

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