Missing mapping of extension tagged values jeopardises backwards compatibility

Submitted by Josef Kaltwasser on Thursday, 22 March, 2012 - 12:43
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The two tragged values "extensionName" and "extensionVersion" are mapped to XML attributes for instances that are created from an extended schema. They are defined in that schema as XML attributes of the D2LogicalModel class.

The claim for level B extensions is that all valid instances are also valid against the "big" schema (i.e. as a reference).

The full schema does NOT contain the definition of the "extensionName" and "extensionVersion" XML attributes.

Hence, a valid of an extended schema that does have occurences of the "extensionName" or the "extensionVersion" XML attribute on the top level "d2LogicalModel" element does calidate against the extended schema but it does not against the full schema:

Proposed solution:
include optional XML attrbute defintions in section 4.5. alongside "modelBaseVersion"! Modify the tool accordingly! Attributes shouls be made mandatory when creating an extended schema.

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Posted by Josef Kaltwasser on October 1, 2030 Permalink

The bug is clearly described and the request is appreciated. Since the described proposal may create backwards compatibility issues with existing implementations (whilst the impact of the bug seemingly did not create operational impact so far) it will be addressed in the next major release v3.0.

Posted by Joerg Freudenstein on December 31, 2028 Permalink

Include in version 3 in the model.

Posted by iancornwell on January 31, 2026 Permalink

The model has changed in this area, but the attributes still exist. Assigning as a tool issue for Jonas to confirm it has been resolved in v3.