Activity 2: Data Profiles

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Activity description

To ensure interoperability of information services, data-profiles need to be established. Systems implementing the same DATEX II profile are interoperable by definition. For certain purposes DATEX II develops, finalises, and publishes EU wide Recommended Reference Profiles (RRPs). The requirements for such profiling activities come from the harmonisation and liaison processes in Activity 1. The actual production of the profiles and the related documentation takes place within this Activity.

The work carried out in this activity is closely related the European Commission’s goal to provide a European mobility data space. To achieve this, the content of the data exchange initiated by the different Delegated Regulations in the scope of the ITS Directive must be modelled identically by the different data publishers. Therefore, as support to the Member States, DATEX II Recommended Reference Profiles are created and maintained to fulfil the requirements of each of the Delegated Regulations. The same approach is taken to develop RRPs aimed at services not related to EU Regulations, but stemming from the ITS Corridor projects. These profiles are taken up by EU EIP in the current work towards a Reference Handbook for ITS Deployment in Europe.

With the on-going maintenance of DATEX II, this Activity ensures that profiles and their documentation are available when new versions of the relevant parts are published.


An important deliverable was issued in 2019: The DATEX II Recommended Reference Profile for SRTI messages. Based on the joint TISA-DATEX II-Amsterdam Group list of events detailing the 8 data categories from Delegated Regulation 886/2013, a RRP has been created and published as an option in the DATEX II web tool for creating exchange schemas. This first profile is the basis for the creation of profiles for all data categories mentioned in the Delegated Regulations A, B and E.

The tool can be found here.

In the coming year, the RRPs for the delegated regulations on RTTI, MMTIS and truck parking will also be published. In addition, the Reference Handbook for ITS Deployment in Europe that will be published next year by EU EIP will contain DATEX II RRPs for all ITS service deployment guidelines.

Active partners

• Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands
• BASt, Germany
• Cerema, France
• Trafikverket, Sweden
• Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (bmvit), Austria
• UK Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom
• Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway
• Electronic Solutions S.R.L. (ELSOL), Romania
• Egnatia Odos AE (Egnatia), Greece

Activity lead

Introductory Statement:
• Bard de Vries is an experienced information architect in the (European) ITS domain. With a broad knowledge about national and regional in ITS applications throughout Europe, he is managing the commonalities into the different DATEX II Recommended Reference and Service Profiles supporting the policies of both the EU and the road operators. He is the chair of the DATEX II Technical Management Group.