Activity 0: Project Management

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Activity description

Project Management aims to:
• Enable the DATEX II partners
o To continue the standardisation activities based on operational user needs
o To support the DATEX II user community in applying the standard(s) within their services
• Take the lead and facilitate in the cooperation with DG-MOVE

In order to do this, day-to-day management tasks include monitoring the allocation of resources, organising strategic (SG) and technical (TMG) meetings and performing risk management actions when needed. Similarly, more executive decisions are also part of this activity, including reviewing the tactical and strategic vision of DATEX II, preparing and processing meeting decisions, adopting the technical work plans, and establishing and carrying out a communication strategy. All parties involved in this activity also have a role to play in starting and maintaining liaisons with stakeholders (e.g. TM2.0, TN-ITS, C-Roads and EU EIP) for the further development of DATEX II. In addition to the standard liaison activities that the Steering Group and Technical Management Group members carry out, a Stakeholder Advisory Board (STAB) is also managed under this activity. The STAB holds yearly meetings and consists of high-level representatives of relevant stakeholders to disseminate knowledge and receive advice, requirements, and feedback on new developments. Members of the STAB include stakeholders like ERTICO, TISA, POLIS, Scania, Kapsch, DG MOVE, Amsterdam Group, Transmodel, TomTom, HERE, CEDR and CEN. More information about the DATEX II organisation and its layers can be found here.

Active partners

All partners of the DATEX II consortium are part of Activity 0: Project Management:
• Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands
• BASt, Germany
• Cerema, France
• Autostrade Tech S.p.A. (ATECH), Italy
• Trafikverket, Sweden
• Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), Spain
• Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (bmvit), Austria
• Intelligent Transport Systems Belgium (, Belgium
• UK Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom
• Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway
• Instituto da mobilidade e dos transportes, I.P. (IMT, IP), Portugal
• Electronic Solutions S.R.L. (ELSOL), Romania
• Egnatia Odos AE (Egnatia), Greece

Activity lead

Introductory Statement:
• Since 2007, Marjolein works at the National Traffic Management Centre in the Netherlands, where she is the coordinator international road traffic management. She is also the chair of the DATEX II Steering Group and the coordinator of the DATEX II Programme Support Action.
• Bard de Vries is an experienced information architect in the (European) ITS domain. With a broad knowledge about national and regional in ITS applications throughout Europe, he is managing the commonalities into the different DATEX II Recommended Reference and Service Profiles supporting the policies of both the EU and the road operators. He is the chair of the DATEX II Technical Management Group.
• Eveline de Jong is a consultant in urban mobility at the Dutch consultancy firm Mobycon, involved in the process and project management of (urban) mobility and planning. Eveline is part of the DATEX II project management teams as a supporting consultant for the DATEX II coordinator and the Steering Group.